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Batwing Fetish Leather Line

Batwing Fetish Leather Set by El Vaquero Muerto

Batwing Fetish Leather line by El Vaquero Muerto










The Batwing Fetish Leather line was the first collection of thematic leather created by El Vaquero Muerto for the purposes of sensual enjoyment.  This set includes the Batwing Bondage Mask with double-strap leash, Batwing Collar, Batwing Bondage Cuffs and the Batwing Underbust.  The specifics of each piece are detailed below:

Batwing Bondage Mask and double-strap Leash - this fiercely sexual mask features a mouth cover that attaches to the mask and can be removed, industrialized steel tube rivets and hand-stitched seams for strength and endurance, hand-coloured leather and nickel-plate hardware, including locking buckles on each of the two head straps.  The unique double-strap leash design allows the master to lead the supplicant from the face, ensuring obeisance and compliance.  The intimidating spikes and studs that adorn this work warn viewers of the intense and dangerous nature of the individual who the mask confines.

Batwing Collar - this creation effortlessly combines the art of form with incredible concepts of function.  Each individual leather panel is forged into its shape and bound together with hand stitch work for lasting durability and lined in divine lambskin for exceptional beauty and comfort.  The collar secures around the neck with lacing in the back and sports, at each side, leather batwings embedded with steel wire so that they may be formed to the desired shape.  The Nickel ring on the front is secured with hand-stitching and industrialized steel tube rivets for added security and vigor.

Batwing Bondage Cuffs - these matching cuffs feature a dual-strap design that distributes the force of restraint more evenly than the regular single-strap variety.  Each strap secures itself around the wrist and forearm with a locking buckle of Nickel plate, ensuring that no servant is able to free the wrists without the Master’s key.  The ring on each of these unique pieces is secured with both industrialized steel tube rivet and stitching by hand.  The menacing spikes that populate the leather body of the cuff give premonition to the ferocity of the soul so enslaved by them.

Batwing Underbust - this formidable device restrains and conforms the torso into the shape and form of utmost desire.  With sturdy leather panels bound to each other with exceptional hand-wrought stitch work, lambskin lining and accents for the hips, this fashionable piece impresses all who gaze upon it.  Lace in back to chosen tension and allow the fine, hand-coloured finish and Nickel hardware to delight and awe while providing exceptional support for your servant.

The Batwing theme is currently in production and will be created, to order, per the desires of each individual client.  Variations in color and hardware are available for your discerning consideration.